Blissful Potato Turned One: A Long Message + 30 Facts About Me

When in April 20st. It’s been a year. I remember those nights during summer last year where I stayed up thinking if I should really publish Blissful Potato. The same questions persist on running through my head every single night that time: Do I really fit to be a blogger? What would I write about? How am I…

Just Girls in Pink Tops

Just checking in to drop this pictures from the little photoshoot that me and my sister had.Giving you another photo-filled post with me and my sister’s faces, please brace yourselves.

On A Typical Day

It was just another typical day during semester break where I was trying to think of something ‘new’ to do aside from eating, scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest (I’m addicted) and everything in between.
so on a typical boring day, because I’m spending too much time looking at beautiful photographs in different social media sites, my mind was filled with lots of aesthetic, styling ideas and photo shoot ideas, and it made me want to do a little shoot for my blog.

The Sunday Currently no. 01

I’ve been very busy, super stressed, sleep-deprived and frustrated lately because I have lots of things to finish – films, quizzes, projects – but I haven’t accomplished half of it yet. Examinations and deadlines are almost close and I don’t know what to do anymore. I actually don’t know where to start! But despite the busy…

Beauty in my Mother’s Garden

My mother really loves plants and flowers. It all started when she ordered several orchids from my aunt and from that moment she also started building her own small garden in front of our house. She liked it and so she continued bringing home potted plants to her heart’s content. It brought her at least a bit of joy, I think. Now, the front our house is full of color green and I actually find it very pleasing since I really love green a.k.a the color of nature. […]

Life Lately no. 01: A Short Update

I have decided to start my own series which I would call as the “Blissful Series: Life Lately”. I bet you already saw this series in many blogs, I too have seen some bloggers do this and I think it’s really fun to write about the things that recently happened to me. And with this series, I would be able to have a time to reflect on the things that I experienced. It’s like keeping a journal or a diary which I’ve never tried doing.

So here goes my first post for my ‘Life Lately’ series!

Happy 1st of July: Sweet 16.

As of last Friday, July 1st, I officially turned 16! Sweet Sixteen Baby! (lol it’s not really that sweet). Should I be happy because it’s my birthday? Or should I be sad because I’m getting old? Or should I be both? But anyways, I am always pretty excited whenever it’s my birthday because you know, with the greetings and gifts and foods and cake.

Introducing Me and My Blog

Hello Everyone! It’s Rossaine here! First blog post up! Get to know me, your humble blogger, and my (typical) blog!