Introducing Me and My Blog



Hello Everyone! It’s Rossaine here!

I’m glad to finally open my very own personal blog and publish my first post. I have been planning to open one since summer break last year (yeah, I’m planning it for a long time already) but I became busy with school and I didn’t know where and how to start, so I set aside the plan of opening a blog and instead, I focused on my studies.

For my first post, I’ve decided to introduce my blog and of course myself to my lovely readers (if there are any) and probably explain what brought me to the world of blogging. Shall we start?
A small introduction first, Hi! I’m Rossaine (pronounced as Rowseyn, quite rare), a 15-year-old blogger from Philippines (turning 16 in July 1). I’m a Grade 11 pioneer, taking STEM as my strand, and a diehard fangirl of fictional characters, Korean idols, models and American actors.

Actually every night, I’m thinking if I should just give up my so called “blogger dream” but my eagerness and boredom gets the best of me so I finally finished making my blog that I’ve been planning for almost a year. The reason why I’m having second thoughts on opening a personal blog is because people might not appreciate my content and that scares me the most. But thanks to my positiveness, I said to myself that I should just enjoy blogging even if there are no readers and even though I may not be one of the best (swear there are so many good bloggers out there and I’m mostly stalking them haha).

I also got hooked to several fashion bloggers like Vern & Verniece Enciso, Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian, Ida Anduyan and many more! They inspired me so much to start a blog and wanting to be like them has been my goal all this time but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be wearing branded clothes, travelling around the country/world, take majestic photos and post it here. Maybe I’ll do those in the future but you see, I’m just a middle-class girl who has limited allowance 😉


You might be also asking right now (or not) “So, what should we expect in your blog?”
My answer: Don’t expect too much from me. This blog is just another typical blog and since this is a personal blog, I may write about my thoughts and emotions, violent reactions, book reviews, movie reviews, my mediocre playlist, photo diaries, prolly make my own tutorials in the future, I may post about my style and travel diaries, but it’s not that grand. I’ll just write about my current state and other thingamabobs.


The big reason why I made this blog is to turn my boring life into a meaningful one, I want to meet new people and go to new places and I want to share everything to all of you guys, and probably achieve most of my goals. I want to enhance myself and my writing skills and have more exciting experiences. Plus, I really think blogging is a very cool hobby.

So that’s it! I know this post doesn’t even make any sense hahaha. Well, I tried. Actually, I’m having a hard time thinking on what should I write on my first blog post. Since this is my first time writing, please forgive me for the errors if there are any! I’ll try my best to keep this blog running!

If you want to know me more check my About page or you can ask me by leaving a comment below, I would happily answer you right away 🙂


Have a good time!



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Paul says:

    It was a very good blog hahahaa 😁👍🏼 ill be expecting for some more


    1. itsaless says:

      Thank you so much Paul! You’re the first one to send a comment, thank you for that! 😀
      Make sure to follow me to see my latest blog posts 🙂
      Love lots! ❤


      1. Paul says:

        No problem. Can i ask you a couple of questions ? 😊 if it is okay?


      2. itsaless says:

        Sure it’s okay!


      3. Paul says:

        Is it hard to blog? Lol it must be hard. I dont know much about blogging but i like to visit different sites.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Rossaine says:

        It’s really hard especially when you had a writer’s block. I’m experiencing it right now 😦 Anyways, it’s good to know that you like to read blogs 🙂


      5. Paul says:

        You should try go out of town or something. You might experience something new, see something cool 🙂 and you can blog it here. No offense😊,but Maybe because there’s nothing happening much in your life rn thats why you’re having a writer’s block lol


      6. Rossaine says:

        you’re absolutely right! I’m stuck in our house, doing the same thing over and over again. Family is too busy to go out of town 😦


      7. Paul says:

        But you can go out with your friends. Is there many places you can visit in the phillipines?


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