Happy 1st of July: Sweet 16.



And I’m back everyone but before anything else, I would like to greet myself again a Happy Birthday! *cues in Happy Birthday Song*

As of last Friday, July 1st, I officially turned 16! Sweet Sixteen Baby! (lol it’s not really that sweet). Should I be happy because it’s my birthday? Or should I be sad because I’m getting old? Or should I be both? But anyways, I am always pretty excited whenever it’s my birthday because you know, with the greetings and gifts and foods and cake.

Good thing I have no classes that day so my birthday was my rest day! But instead of lying in my bed, scrolling in my twitter timeline and stalking feeds in instagram, I decided (halfheartedly) to be quite productive. So, I spent the whole day writing a birthday blog entry but I didn’t had the time to post it that day but better late than never huh? so here it goes:

My 15th year was actually a roller coaster ride but despite the obstacles and confusions I’ve gone through, it was still fun and memorable. I learned a lot of things, like having to develop feelings for someone, girl fights, fun hangouts with the squad, excessive cramming at school and etc.  But I know it’s just the start of my hardships and there are more to come, and it really scares me. But whatever it is, I should grow and overcome all the things that will go in my way. Aside from that, I have also achieved a few of my goals when I was an awkward 15 year old girl, like for example, I managed to make my own blog, to start taking pictures, do everything I want and I also became the class Salutatorian, and it really feels good that I achieved something that would make my parents proud. And now that I’m 16 and I’m already growing up, I want to achieve more of my goals that wouldn’t just make my parents happy and proud but as well as myself.

Here’s a list of some of the things that I want to achieve during my 16th year and i’m positive about it:

  • Be more organized and consistent in blogging and hopefully people will be satisfied with the content of my blog. It’s really my goal to become a successful blogger like everyone else and I still have a long way to go so fighting to me!
  • Be an independent person because there are times that I have to be on my own and it really scares the cow of out me. That’s when I concluded that I should learn how to handle and guard myself, that I should stop depending on other people when it comes to deciding; especially on my family, instead I should start depending on myself and start trusting my capabilities.  I need to learn how to decide firmly and wisely on my own and manage my time and be productive.
  • Attend concerts and meet my idols. This is actually my goal ever since 2012 when I started being a fangirl but due to the fact that I’m just a poor fan, I don’t have the chaching to buy concert tickets (tickets are hella expensive) so I’m just mentally weeping in our house while my idols are having a concert (#TEAMBAHAY). Well, meeting my idols is quite impossible for me but I’m still positive that I will be able to join an ocean and scream every lyric passionately until I pass out from too much feels.
  • Learn Calligraphy. I’m really amazed by those people who can do calligraphy beautifully and who can use watercolor (shout out to Abbey Sy) and that’s why I want to learn how to do it too. As you can see in the photos above, that was an attempted calligraphy or it kinda looks like a lettering, i don’t know. Sucks huh? Well, I believe I need more practice and I hope by this year, I would master some strokes. Wish me good luck!
  • Take a lot of pictures and master my photography skillzzz. I wouldn’t actually call myself a photographer but I do love taking pictures and I’m passionate when I’m capturing things. I just hope that I could buy a better camera.
  • Study hard and survive school. No matter how much I hate going to school, I always tell myself that I need to go and study because I have goals that I want to achieve, so in order to succeed, I have to study hard and educate myself so this goal is a must.
  • Start investing to the things that I want to have. As I said I should not always depend on my parents especially when it comes to buying my wants (let them buy my needs hahaha). I already started saving money for albums, official merchandises, clothes and other necessities and I’m also planning to save money for a new camera but it will take years before I reached the money goal so yeah, maybe someday.
  • Know myself more. During our Personal Development subject, I found out that knowing who you are (Perceived self) and knowing what you want to be (Ideal self) is necessary in order to grow and discover your abilities, because if you fail to discover yourself then most likely you’ll be lost and confused and you will even start doubting yourself. And after knowing who am I, my strengths and weaknesses, my attributes and more, I will start improving myself and hopefully, I would become a better person.

There you have it! I know to myself that some of these goals are quite heavy but I’ll do my best to achieve it. I just have to be responsible that’s all, right?

Anyways, Belated Happy Birthday to myself again! I’m really thankful to Him for giving me another year and for blessing my family all the time and of course I’m so thankful to have my family who are always there for me. Also thank you to my friends, internet friends and relatives who wished me a Happy Birthday 🙂
I’m really grateful! Sending everyone virtual hugs!

(Can’t wait for my next birthday hehe)

Oh by the way, I didn’t just spend my entire birthday in front of my computer typing. Later that night, me and my family had dinner at this cute cafe called Yellow Bird Cafe x Kitchen.







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  1. Hi! I have just opened my blog too! I hope we could help each other. Welcome to blogging! 🙂



    1. Rossaine says:

      Thank you Sheen! Welcome to the world of blogging too! (Checked your blog and I bookmarked it already)
      Good luck to us, dear 🙂


  2. Hi im your no. 1 liker 😂👏🏼😁


    1. Rossaine says:

      Thank you 🙂


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