Life Lately no. 01: A Short Update


Life Lately no. 01

It has been 7 weeks since school started and my life lately has been all about studying, studying and studying. It’s my stressor actually. School has always been my top stressor. Lately, there are a lot of blog ideas that are running around my head but I can’t seem to jot or type it down, I can’t put it in words.  I’m definitely not having a writer’s block, I’m just not motivated. But anyways, I have decided to start my own series which I would call as the “Blissful Series: Life Lately”. I bet you already saw this series in many blogs, I too have seen some bloggers do this and I think it’s really fun to write about the things that recently happened to me. And with this series, I would be able to have a time to reflect on the things that I experienced. It’s like keeping a journal or a diary which I’ve never tried doing.

So here goes my first post for my ‘Life Lately’ series:


  • I finished reading Rainbow Rowell’s book, Eleanor and Park and it made 15745753me miss reading romance novels again. I think it was summer when I last read a romance novel. Actually, I tried reading this book months ago after I finished Fangirl but I got bored with the first part and I don’t even know why, so I stopped reading it and moved on to another book.
    Then one day, I saw my classmate holding the book and I suddenly felt like reading it and so I borrowed it. Thank you kind classmate for lending me the book.

    The storyline is actually good but I was dismayed with ending of the novel. I can’t believe it ended just like that, like how?When the feels I got from the book subsided, I typed Eleanor and Park in Google and saw Rainbow’s Interview in Goodreads and that’s where I found out that there’s a chance that she will continue writing about Eleanor and Park’s interrupted love story someday and there’s a possibility of a film adaptation. I can’t wait for it. On the other side, I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED READING ME BEFORE YOU. I CAN’T BELIEVE MYSELF. I badly want to watch the tearjerker movie already but I made a promise to myself that I will read the book first before watching the movie but I still haven’t finished reading it. It has been two months already since I started reading it and I’m still stuck in the part where Louisa is planning a trip for Will. Oh my goodness.

  • We had an activity/exercise in our P.E. class that certainly made the muscles and joints in my legs sore. I surprisingly managed to do a basic plank for a minute, a squat for 1 minute and 30 seconds; a very tiring stretching and more. It was truly tiring but I’m really proud of myself because I completed the activity on time and I also got a perfect score, 100%! It was my first time doing an extreme exercise like that (LOL) and it felt really good to do something that makes your body sweat and fit. Actually, It kind of motivated me to start working out but I have no time to do such things since I’m always tired and busy because of school, plus, I’m definitely not a fitness enthusiast. So never mind the exercise thingy.
  • I’ve been listening to Kim Taeyeon’s  new songs, Why and Starlight. It’s Korean but seriously, these two songs are really good and her songs deserves more appreciation from everyone. Whenever I’m on my way to school, I tend to listen to Why and Starlight while I’m walking because the good tune of the songs really uplifts my mood. There isn’t a day that I did not listen to these two.
    Meanwhile, I have no favorite English song at the moment but I was also hooked to these two OPM songs; Tadhana by Up Dharma Down and Dati by Sam Concepcion and Tippy Dos Santos ft. QUEST . I know these two are old but both are hella good, especially Tadhana. I can’t stop singing it!
  • Unit tests, assignments and projects are starting to pile up and it’s making me stressed already. And because there are a lot of things to do, I tend to be lazy so I ended up cramming my tasks. I’m crying, I should really change my study habit.
  • Due to the fact that school is making me tired, busy and drowsy all the time, I’m having a hard time finding a way to check my fangirl account for updates that are mostly about NCT and I also miss talking to my internet friends. R.I.P fangirl life. Speaking of being a fangirl, I’m currently going cray cray over this guy that I recently knew by Twitter and he’s working his way to be a celebrity. I can’t believe I will be attracted to him this much, like seriously ATTRACTED TO HIM. I’m attracted to him to the point that I can’t get him off my head while we’re having a bloody discussion in Math. Help.

I have a lot of things to tell but I wrote in the title that this is just going to be a short update about my life. I just decided to drop by my blog because I’m itching to write something and plus, this blog seriously needs an update. Anyways, there are still 2 weeks left before the prelim and I’m seriously freaking nervous about it. Like really, I’m so pressured right now. I don’t know how to put all the information in my head like ugh. I’m just hoping that I will get good grades this semester because it would be less stressful but anyways, I know I can do it. I have hope in me.

Thank you for dropping by in my blog and don’t forget to follow me here and on my other social media accounts for more of my complains and talks hahaha! (My Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram). Hopefully, I’ll be back for another entry before (If I have time) or after prelims. Thank you happy beans, Have a good month! Bye!



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  1. I love your blogs 😂😁😂


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