Beauty in my Mother’s Garden

It’s possible to find beauty around,
Just open your eyes and you will be astound.

August is about to end and it was indeed a very busy and stressful month. A lot of things happened, a lot of things were experienced (I even experienced the terrible traffic along Marcos Highway), everything was totally diary worthy but I will not write about it for some reason. Maybe because the events that happened this month is not joyful – prelims, practices, Filipino week, etc.

I can’t put the stress I had in words.

It was really stressful, I swear.

After weeks of busyness, I finally had an ample amount of time to write a blog post that will simply wrap up the August edition of my blog. And no it’s not a summary of what happened to me this whole August but instead it’s about my Mother’s not so secret garden.

Shall we start?

My mother really loves plants and flowers. It all started when she ordered several orchids from my aunt and from that moment she also started building her own small garden in front of our house. She liked it and so she continued bringing home potted plants to her heart’s content. It brought her at least a bit of joy, I think. Now, the front our house is full of color green and I actually find it very pleasing since I really love green a.k.a the color of nature.

Being the nature enthusiast I am, I really appreciate my mother’s little garden. I would find myself going out sometimes just to check if there’s a new flower that bloomed. I would even feel a bit glad if there’s a newly bloomed Rose. And because I’m always itching to take pictures, I would grab my camera and take snapshots of my mother’s plants but the pictures would mostly end up being stored in my computer and not on my Instagram or what. I actually have a lot of pictures stored in my computer and my mother is scolding me for being too lazy to upload photos online.

But now, I’ve decided to write a new blog entry about my mother’s garden – where everything is green (except for the flowers) and tranquil.

(note: HQ photos ahead, it might take a while to load)




The petals of the Roses are really soft, I love touching it.

Most of the photos were taken during summer break where my mother’s flowers were in full bloom. Fortunately, my camera is best in outdoor shoots. It really gives that bokeh effect that I love the most, the pictures are quite sharp and the macro setting works well. Maybe I’ll write about Oly (my camera) and about my growing passion for photography sometime?

Additional: I’m also loving our neighbor’s Yellow and Orange Cosmos and so I thought it’s okay to add it up here (even though it’s not a part of my mother’s garden).

Any thoughts about my snapshots? I’m still a starter and I’m currently exploring the other features that my camera offers. Hopefully, I’ll be able to buy a new camera soon that is more ‘professional’ or maybe a good mirrorless camera because the lens of Oly is not detachable and it doesn’t have any viewfinder so it’s not totally a winner for me.

It’s about time to wrap up this blog post and August (that quick?). Thank you for dropping by and don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram for more of my captures! Also follow my blog so that you will not miss out any of my musings 🙂

Keep yourself happy and hydrated!



14 Comments Add yours

  1. thelostmango says:

    Wow! Lovely photography! Impressive! Just followed you! I blog every day at XOXO


    1. Rossaine says:

      Thank you dear 🙂 I will surely check out your blog!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Annissa says:

    I especially love the antique roses. We had some like the pink ones you picture. They smelled so good! The new roses just aren’t the same.


    1. Rossaine says:

      Antique roses are indeed beautiful but sadly that pink rose never grew again (or maybe it died) 😦 I was really fascinated when I first saw it because it has so many flowers in one stem and it looks so beautiful.


  3. Janine Good says:

    The flowers in this garden are gorgeous! I wish I had such a green thumb!


    1. Rossaine says:

      Yes! They really are! Oh I’m wishing the same thing too…


  4. Your mother has a beautiful garden and you took some lovely photos.


    1. Rossaine says:

      Agreed 🙂 Thank you so much!


  5. Such beautiful plants, they’re really thriving. ♡


    1. Rossaine says:

      thank you Jessica ♡ (I’m a big fan of your blog by the way haha)


  6. Sheila Jo says:

    Don’t know what type it is, but I like the red and white flower (6th pic down) the best. Nice job capturing your mother’s garden!


    1. Rossaine says:

      Aw thank you so much!


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