On A Typical Day

It was just another typical day during semester break where I was trying to think of something ‘new’ to do aside from eating, scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest (I’m addicted) and everything in between. It’s actually a bummer that I had nothing to do during semester break when I thought I would be able to do as much. It has been two weeks since I got back to school and so, I’m also back to my daily school routine. But during the short break, my routine was boring as this: wake up at around 12 noon, eat brunch, switch between 3 apps every 5 minutes, lurk around the blogosphere, Pinterest and Tumblr, babysit my baby brother, then eat again then I’ll go to sleep at 2 or 3 am. Imagine, I spent three weeks doing nothing productive.
I swear I was too bored (even in the online world) to the point that I just want to go back to school already and immerse myself with school works. And now that I’m back to school with lots of stuffs and theses on the way, I regret wanting to go back and wished that semester break shouldn’t have ended.

Anyways, so on a typical boring day, because I’m spending too much time looking at beautiful photographs in different social media sites, my mind was filled with lots of aesthetic, styling ideas and photo shoot ideas, and it made me want to do a little shoot for my blog.

As a girl who’s too timid and anxious on how she will turn out on photographs, this idea was a bad thing to do. It took me a while before agreeing to myself that I should do it because 1) I ain’t confident with how I look 2) I’m not good at posing and 3) I’m a shy girl and taking pictures outside is embarrassing, but good thing there’s no people in our street that time (as you can see).

What outfit did I threw on?

So I wore an outfit that is not too ravishing, just a basic white tee with a black crop tank underneath because the white shirt is quite thin it’s almost see-through, a loose maroon shorts that always gets mistaken as a skirt and has a great fabric which I also love wearing because it’s really comfortable, and a pair of white sneakers that I stole from my mother’s shoe storage that goes well with my top and bottom. To add some spice to my simple look, I wore a lovely floppy hat that I bought from a shop (forgot the name sorry) at Eastwood’s tiangge for Php280.00.

I’m quite into this outfit because it’s care-free and not too tight, very convenient to wear and the floppy hat is just too adorable. I’ve been adoring floppy hats because it makes your look fashionable or classy and it never goes out of style, it goes well with different outfits, lavish or even basic ones. It’s stylish and I think I’m gonna be wearing it inside our house more often (lol whut).

I was quite worried on how the photos would turn out or how would my face turn out because I’m fully aware that I’m flawed, that’s how unconfident I am with myself. But in the midst of the shoot, I learned how to conquer the unease of being in front of the camera and instead, I became quite comfortable with myself.

Wrapped up the day with this photo.

What do you think guys? Props to my younger brother for doing a good job on photographing me and for being patient because I was annoying the whole time! I keep on asking him to take more pictures here and there, and at the end, we unexpectedly took 360+ pictures (guess I got engrossed). He was tired after, I’m sorry bro.

Ending this photo-filled post once again, Here’s to more blog shoots in the future! Stay classy and confident everyone!



8 Comments Add yours

  1. BeaFreitas says:

    Lovely outfit, nice photos too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rossaine says:

      Thank you Bea! 🙂


  2. Julia Calado says:

    Aww girl, you’re beautiful! Don’t be ashamed to take pictures because these shots are amazing. xx


    1. Rossaine says:

      Aww thank you Julia for this sweet message, you made me smile 🙂 I promise I’ll be more confident! thank you for dropping by!


  3. gabeenuh says:

    You’re so pretty ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rossaine says:

      I’m flattered hahaha, thank you! 😀


  4. UM wow you have nothing to be unconfident about, seriously you’re gorgeous and these pictures are fierce as hell


    1. Rossaine says:

      I rarely look nice in pictures but thank you so much Lindsey! I’m currently trying to build up my confidence and comments like this really helps a lot and I’m thankful 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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