Blissful Potato Turned One: A Long Message + 30 Facts About Me

When in April 20th.

It’s been a year.

I remember those nights during summer last year where I stayed up thinking if I should really publish Blissful Potato. The same questions persist on running through my head every single night that time: Do I really fit to be a blogger? What would I write about? How am I going to be unique and interesting? Will people like what I write?
I keep on thinking if I should give it a shot, if I could really do it and be like everyone else. It always happens, even now that I already publicized my blog, I still don’t know if I could really keep this running. The doubts are there, and will always be there.

There were times where I thought of giving up this corner of mine and just abandon my ‘blogger dreams’, because apparently I could never keep myself on track and be actually consistent, especially on the days that I’m busy with school. But these past few months, while I’m in the midst of crossing mountains, I thought about my blog countless of times. How I craved to write here and share the photos I’ve taken recently. I thought how everything would go, if what is really the point or purpose of this blog. I thought how would I make people read my blog over and over again. I was totally having a dilemma whether to continue or not.

But as much as how cliché and mediocre this blog looks for now, I decided not to give it up. Because, why would I give up in the first place when I’m just starting? What’s the point of giving up when you have nothing to lose? In fact, you may gain a lot through blogging.

The reason why I barely update this blog because I’m always having a hard time writing down my thoughts and whatnots. It made me realize that I was not born to be good at writing entries that would actually make sense, rather I’m fonder of producing visual entries. Meaning, I enjoy making and seeing good photographs than writing and reading posts overflowing with words and guides. I noticed it when I explore other blogs; I mainly enjoy looking at their photos than reading their wordy posts because it kind of bores me.

I thought a lot about it and therefore came up with a good solution: instead of focusing on writing reviews and guides that I have a hard time doing, I will post a lot of photo journals in my blog because I do take a lot of photos and that’s what I enjoy making. And maybe it would be the purpose of Blissful Potato – to share my blossoming passion for nonsensical photography. I will still post reviews and tips tho.

Honestly, Blissful Potato is a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to build a blog since the day I was enamored of all things beautiful. By the time I started to watch some fashion bloggers do their works in Instagram, I knew I wanted to do the same thing. I wanted a platform where I could share my wanders, captured photos, memoirs and everything dashing and sorrowful in my life, and I think Blissful Potato is the great place to do that.

I didn’t expect myself to write a long and boring message so moving on, as for my blog’s birthday, I decided to have a quick i-don’t-know-what’s-the-concept photoshoot and do the mainstream 30 ‘not so interesting’ random facts about me because I couldn’t think of anything else to do, and I just thought you guys should know me a little bit better.

  1. My name is Rossaine (again, pronounced as Row-seyn) and I have 34 letters on my full name.
  2. I’m a brown-eyed girl and those who notice it seemingly becomes mesmerized by the color of my eyes, most especially when the sunlight hits it.
  3. I have a natural pasty skin that makes me stand out from the rest.
  4. I love reading Young-Adult Romance Novels to the point that it’s the only genre that I read, and Jennifer Smith is my best-loved.
  5. I read novels online since my allowance is not enough for me to hoard expensive books. I don’t even know if I read legally, but meh.
  6. I grew up in a big and merry family resulting to me being a family-oriented girl.
  7. I’m seriously hooked to thrift shopping.
  8. I’m a frustrated creative.
  9. I love every pastel colors and warm tones but I mostly wear dark-colored clothes.
  10. Tuck-ins and oversized tops are kinda my style.
  11. I’m a sentimental person. It’s hard for me to let go of ‘useless’ things given by those people who’re close to me and deleting photos breaks my heart. Everything for me has its sentimental value.
  12. I’m more of a listener than a speaker. I literally blabber nonsense that sounds extremely embarrassing, so sometimes, I’d rather shut up and listen.
  13. But I always feel the need to vent out my feelings to either my close friends or family.
  14. I’m pretty much of a terrible liar.
  15. At the end of the day, I prefer to isolate myself and have a quiet time, most especially after a long day of socializing with humans. It’s like a form of recharging and contemplating.
  16. I wanted to become an astronaut, a doctor, a teacher, a model, and a fashion designer when I was a kid. Now, I want to become a doctor who is passionately driven and be able to help people genuinely.
  17. I don’t like watching myself on videos and hearing my recorded voice. It makes me feel odd and cringy.
  18. I was never addicted to any app games.
  19. I wanted to be a badminton player in our school when I was in elementary but my parents didn’t want me to play any physical sports because I get sick easily. And so, I ended up being a chess player, but I’m not good that good and it’s been a long time since I last competed.
  20. I’m bad at comprehending mathematical problems. seriously bad.
  21. I’m not into having pets but if I could have one, I would want to have a guinea pig, again.
  22. I’m a very passionate person.
  23. I like calling myself a dreamer but I honestly want to become a doer.
  24. I imagine scenarios all the time that has 0% chance of happening. That’s what I like.
  25. I’m a certified procrastinator and crammer, and I never learn my lesson.
  26. I’m slow as a turtle.
  27. I look intimidating according to some people but I’m actually a soft potato.
  28. I have allergic rhinitis which I inherited from my father, and will probably suffer from it for the rest of my life. That also makes tissue my companion.
  29. I have a thing for sour and salty foods, or mostly salty junk foods.
  30. I’m a daughter and a believer of God.

Thrifted Uniqlo Shirt – P50

It took me a year and countless uncertainties to finally hit that publish button and I don’t regret doing it. This was another late post by the way. I have so many pictures to post-process and upload in my social media accounts, as well here in my blog. I will try my best to post it all.

Anyways, Thank you so much happy beans for always reading my blog! even if it’s not worth reading. I truly appreciate all the reads, comments, and love… if there are any. I will surely keep on creating and be better at this.

Here’s to more years! Can’t wait to see what’s in it for me! 



12 Comments Add yours

  1. About Bae says:

    I really enjoyed this blog post. 🙂 I actually saved it on my Pocket app and read it while I was out of the house. This makes me feel I knew you better and on a deeper level. While I enjoy looking at photos (guilty: I sometimes just skim through the texts to look at the images), I also like reading long blog posts from time to time. I hope you make more of this. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rossaine says:

      If I read a long blog post, I’m prolly in a good mood because most of the time, I just ignore the words and look at the photos. Thank you so much for this message! I love it when someone appreciates the things that I create. I’ll make more of this and hopefully get better 🙂
      P. S. I recognize you, you’re a consistent reader and a follower of my twitter account. I would love to have a conversation with you, you seem nice 🙂


      1. About Bae says:

        Haha, well I guess being proactive online has its perks. You get recognized without meaning it! Lol. I guess I just like when people share their thoughts with no holds barred. And I just like reading, generally speaking. Esp if its something personal, I immediately get hooked. Hope to read more long blog posts from you! 😛 No pressure though. Do it when you feel like it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Rossaine says:

        Yes, I agree! It’s actually very nice to know other people and their personal stuff through what they create online. Thank you again! So much love for you!


  2. Eena says:

    Happy birthday to your blog! I totally relate to 17 – I hate being recorded because it doesn’t sound like me. It’s funny because I hate the way my voice sounds so at work, when I have to speak over the PA system, I make my voice deeper so I don’t sound like a little girl xD

    cabin twenty-four

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rossaine says:

      Thank you. Eena! I know right? It’s awkward to listen to your own voice. I just realized how ugly and small my voice is when I was transcribing our audio-recorded interview for our research paper. I had to listen to it over and over again, I was cringing the whole time. hahahaha. By the way, thank you for dropping by! I’m a reader of your blog xx


  3. Loi says:

    TOTALLY RELATE ON 7 AND 8!! Gahh. How I wish I’m as creative as other people who knows how to draw. And I really love thrift shopping!! I just wish I could do it everydayyy but I get broke easily. Haha


    1. Rossaine says:

      I wish I was creative too, like legit creative hahaha. I always get frustrated when I see how other people do good in their artworks, and I don’t.
      Thrift shops these days are also getting expensive na, so I always wait for a sale like P50 or P20 nalang all garments HAHAHAHA
      Thank you for dropping by ❤


  4. Lou says:

    I can totally relate to number 17, well a lot on the list but #17! Huhu this is why I am never convinced to try vlogging eventhough my friends are forcing me to do it, but my course is just too nice to demand me to do it. I enjoyed reading this! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rossaine says:

      omg there’s this one time when I thought about how is it like if I made a yt channel, and so I tried to do an intro for a vlog and when I watched it, I was like “No, nope, never gonna do it” HAHAHAHA MY FACE LOOKED TERRIBLE AND MY VOICE WAS SO SMALL IN THE VIDEO. So, if ever I considered vlogging, I’ll be making art films, travel vlogs, or any vlogs that doesn’t require me speaking.
      Anyways, glad you enjoyed this post ate Lou! I’m a big fan of your blog 🙂


  5. Annalisa says:

    Cool blog! Please take a look at mine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rossaine says:

      Thank you Annalisa for dropping by! sure, will do 🙂


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