photos from june 3; high heels and quaint dresses.


a mere forewarning: this entry includes multiple grainy vanity shots. may you enjoy.


Last June 3, me and my friends were generously invited to our classmate’s 18th birthday party. It was a simple, formal party which means ’twas a mandatory for us to look presentable as much as possible. And thanks to my mother’s Gothic-like dress, to these immensely painful black ankle-strap heels and to my sister’s improving skills on applying make-up, I managed to be a well groomed white potato… at least for a day.

We arrived at the venue an hour early which signifies that we have an ample time to kill, or to spend some good time in preparing, or maybe in taking photos. And so, me and my friend, Alessandra, took the chance to take a few shots in this faint hall on the upper floor while the rest of our friends were busy prepping themselves up for the party, and while mr. sun was still up and shining.

The brightness in the hall is not on point thus the noise on the photos. Unfortunately, my compact camera doesn’t perform very well in low light… but I did not let the noise and the low light ruin the good shots! I just added an amount of grain to the photos to make it look like as if it’s taken with a film camera. I just wish it did, but yeah, it turned out pretty good.

I won’t be blabbering too much on this entry because all I want is to post these photos in here instead of storing it on my google drive, and I honestly don’t know what to say. The struggle is real.




Alessandra the beauty queen material
Rossaine the white potato
Danah the cutie with a messy hair (and life)


Alessa, Danah and I became classmates and good friends in 11th Grade. They are my group mates in almost every group activities and they are my buddies in everything. We just love each other very much, it sickens me. (joke)

Danah was actually my seatmate since the first day of school ’till the end of the school year. This girl was born with a fluffy, curly hair and with a heart of gold. She’s very quirky and kind to the point that she’s often taken for granted 😦 While Alessandra… we have the same name… she’s the epitome of beauty and the “almost perfect” kind of girl. We love to hang out at times; we enjoy eating ice cream together, we enjoy thrifting together (that’s how cheap we are) and we just love to feel stressed, so much. I consider her my soul sister ❤



of course, how could we miss the fascinating sunset?


Just a little update: Been kind of weary because of school and I lost the motivation to write here in my blog, which explains the mediocrity in this entry. Forgive me. Anyways, I have a lot of overdue posts to publish, I just wish I could post all them and keep everything going.

Till then!








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