About The Potato Blogger


Rossaine is a bored teenager who wants to do something new in her mundane life. She’s a 16 year old potato, born and currently residing in the Philippines. She has a blossoming passion for photography and she likes dressing up like any other girls out there.

Reading Young-Adult Romance novels is her great escape from the cruel reality and she has the tendency to go cray cray over fictional characters.

Fangirling is one of her hobbies, she appreciates models and Korean artists so much that it makes her miserable. She started liking Korean pop in the year 2012 until now but she still enjoys listening to good English songs and Classical music (only when she’s trying to focus).

She loves the moon and the sky. She likes everything that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. She’s into Arts and has a thing for cakes and good photographs. She’s also a sleep deprived person (totally in need of 100 hours of sleep), she loves wasting her time and she’s a total procrastinator/crammer. Don’t be like her.

About Her Blog

Blissful Potato is Rossaine’s little space here in the online word. She will write about her thoughts, emotions, reactions and opinions and all the things she feels like writing. Just the typical things. In her blog, she will also share the pictures that she have captured passionately. She’s not a perfect writer or anything, she’s still learning many things as of now and she hopes that by blogging, she could explore more and enhance herself.

She named her blog BLISSFUL POTATO because even though she often encounters hardships and emotional problems, she tend to keep herself positive and happy, or so she thought. She also believes that she’s a potato living her life with pure bliss. With her family, friends, God and stuffs around her, she’s happy. Through this blog she hopes that she could express herself even more and share her nonsense ideas to each and everyone.

instagram // alessandraballesca
twitter // alssndrballesca
pinterest // itsaless
tumblr // blissfulpotato

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